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MONTH OF December

The end of an epic year is upon you, Pisces. In 2022, massive changes swept through your life and identity. Look back to the beginning of the year. Do you feel like a completely different person, perhaps wiser or more experienced? For that, you can thank your minor ruler, Jupiter, which has been visiting YOUR sign on and off since May 2021. 

This December 20, Jupiter will depart Pisces, not to return for more than a decade. These first three weeks of December are especially momentous: They’re the last time in your life that your two planetary rulers—Jupiter and Neptune—will ever be together in your sign. Once Neptune ends its retrograde on December 3, you have a never-happening-again window to make strides on a huge personal dream. Uncomfortable as it may feel, prioritize your visions and dreams—and allow the universe to help you manifest them!

Luckily, it’s Sagittarius season until December 21, and the Sun is traveling through the most ambitious part of your chart. You may feel unusually clear about your long-term goals, ready to do what it takes to achieve them. Don’t be shy about tapping a mentor or reaching out to an expert for guidance.


You’ll relax into celebration mode after December 21, when the Sun shifts into Capricorn and your social eleventh house. Get out and mingle for a purpose and a cause. Jupiter will be in Aries and your money sector from December 20 until May 16, so don’t be surprised if a job offer or some strategic networking takes place over eggnog and passed hors d’oeuvres. 

Christmas Eve arrives in the tailwind of the December 23 Capricorn new moon, which feels promising! Could the holidays actually be smooth this year? We had a Sagittarius new moon the day before Thanksgiving, which brought both meaning and festivity back for many people. Christmas Eve could deepen bonds, particularly since the moon will team up with transformational Pluto. An intimate group dinner or a party where you can actually have great conversation could be the perfect way to spend the holiday eve.

On Christmas Day, we’ll enjoy the moon in friendly Aquarius, though you may feel less social than most signs. Aquarius rules your sleepy twelfth house, so get into the cozy Christmas spirit and stay in your pajamas all day!

Our Scrooge-dodging efforts ALMOST get us to the 2022 finish line, but alas no. Trickster Mercury will turn retrograde (backward) on December 29, scrambling communication, travel and technology. The best-laid plans to ring in 2023 could be foiled. Social and romantic Venus will also merge with intense Pluto right as the calendar turns. Things may get steamy with a friend—or heated in other ways if they push your buttons. Choose carefully who’s in your home as you welcome 2023!

Sagittarius season until December 21

Bring on the year-end goals! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your lofty tenth house until December 21, giving you an extra shot of ambition to finish off 2022. While others are slowing down, you’re gearing up to finish strong and position yourself for advancement after the calendar turns. Sneak in there with an eleventh-hour power move, and you can finish the year as the leader of the pack. 

Your father or an important guy could play into events during the first three weeks of December. Make an effort to clear the air and reconnect. And don’t forget to thank your mentors! A handwritten note of gratitude for anyone who’s opened a door or been a source of support will make a resounding difference all year long.

Neptune retrograde ends on December 3

And….you’re back! On December 3, your ruler, foggy Neptune, ends a five-month backspin in Pisces, which may have set off a minor identity crisis or left you discouraged about your personal goals. Neptune made its annual about-face on June 28, and you might have slipped out of the spotlight or felt a bit unfocused. Now, clarity and confidence return, along with your natural inclinations to better the world. Use your persuasive powers to bring the magic back into your world. As a Pisces, why do it any other way? Go forth and pursue your passions! 

Need a little more incentive? Your classical ruler, optimistic Jupiter, is also in Pisces until December 20—a rare grand finale for this duo. This is the LAST time in your lifetime that both of your galactic guardians will be in Pisces. Jupiter leaves Pisces on December 20 and doesn’t return until 2033. And once Neptune departs from Pisces for good in 2026, it won’t be back for more than 150 years. Translation: Make the most of the first three weeks of December!

Home and family focus at the December 7 Gemini full moon

Pause for a personal cause on December 7, though, when the Gemini full moon lights up your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations. This could be a major turning point that brings news of a pregnancy, a move or a change in your household. Or you might take a much-needed break from your bustling year-end demands to connect with your clan. 

Why wait until Christmas or New Year’s Eve to reach out or even to visit? A woman, possibly a relative, could play into events today—you could have a powerful conversation or clear the air if there’s been tension between you. World peace begins in the home! But be careful about going there. Stressful and combative Mars will be conjunct this full moon, and with the red planet retrograde, your attempts at compassionate connection could go sideways fast. One triggering comment or below-the-belt remark might be all it takes to upset you deeply. 

Jupiter leaves your sign and enters Aries on December 20

Farewell, planet of luck and growth! On December 20, expansive Jupiter wraps its third and final visit to Pisces, a powerful period that began back in May 2021. This ultimate wave, which started on October 28, gave you one last reminder to focus on yourself and your personal passions. Your sacrificing sign can put others ahead of you. But with this auspicious planet in your corner—a once-every-12-years occasion—you’ve got a clear message to prioritize your own desires and autonomy.

You’ve discovered so much about who you are (and aren’t), Pisces. Now it’s time to start building that into something tangible. Today, Jupiter returns to Aries and your solidifying second house of work, money and security. One of your experiments could have real promise and could potentially be something you could monetize or build into a new professional path. 

Jupiter was already in Aries from May 11 to October 28 of this year. Pick up where you left off because the red-spotted planet will be in Aries until May 16, 2023. Roll up your sleeves and let the building begin!

December 21: Sun enters Capricorn and December 23 Capricorn new moon

Who are the people that can help you reach your goals—and make the journey fun along the way? Kindred spirits and collaborators pop up like elves starting December 21, when the Sun enters this Capricorn and activates your social and future-oriented eleventh house for a month. Now you’re ready to hold court at the holiday gatherings. Set the work aside and go commune with the people!

On December 23, the skies serve up the year’s final new moon, also in Capricorn. A new face or two could join your inner circle, or you might spark up an alliance that becomes a defining association in the year ahead. The eleventh house rules technology, and with a new moon here, you can start making a splash on social media, the apps or with a digital venture. 

Be careful about mixing money and friendship as the Capricorn new moon will form a tense square to generous Jupiter in your finance zone. Before you go all in on a group endeavor, make sure everyone involved has the bandwidth, budget and work ethic to pull their weight!

The new moon could be the perfect day for a pre-Christmas Eve party. With the stars lighting up this humanitarian zone, do some year-end charitable giving or volunteer work—or buy tickets for a cause and head to a benefit.

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 29

Record scratch! On December 29, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde (backward) until January 18, a transit that can foil interpersonal affairs, technology and travel. Plans can go awry and people might wildly misunderstand each other. Not exactly the “Happy New Year” you were hoping to get from ‘dem stars, Pisces!

Hopefully you whooped it up over Christmas because New Year’s Eve could be tricky. Mercury will reverse through Capricorn, confounding your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. This could be the perfect time to go on a social media detox—and to bow out of party invitations that leave you feeling less than inspired.

Retrogrades can bring back the past, so don’t be surprised if you’re pinged out of the blue by an old friend or colleague. Whether this blast from your personal archives will be welcome, we can’t guarantee…but don’t blame the messenger. Anyone who pops back onto your radar may be symbolic—do you need to resolve something from that part of your life, or reconnect with the person you were back then? For example, if you used to travel and be adventurous but your life has become a monotonous maze of work and duty, this person’s reappearance could remind you to be more adventurous.

Love & Relationships:

Time to make some long-term plans, Pisces? Magnetic Venus is in Sagittarius and your tenth house of structure until December 9, putting the emphasis on the future. Under this goal-oriented influence, someone who’s fun but can’t seal the deal becomes a LOT less attractive now. Single Pisces could feel sparks with a coworker or meet someone promising at an industry event.

Meantime, sultry Mars is in Aquarius on an extended trip from August 20 to March 25, heating up your home life. However, the red planet is in stressful retrograde from October 30 until January 12, disrupting the holiday cheer.

You and your mate might bicker more than usual, fighting about domestic matters, like how to divvy up family time over the holidays. The culprit of this tension might be your raw emotions. It’s possible you could lash out during a family dinner or get stressed because you’re desperate for some solo time. A meddling relative is pressing you AGAIN on why you don’t have kids or a partner yet.

Here’s the reality: You can’t please everyone, Pisces, so practice impeccable self-care, taking brisk walks, meditating or inhaling a calming essential oil whenever you feel like you might just spontaneously combust. Be extra mindful on December 1, when Venus and Mars face off in a stressful opposition.

Your carefree streak returns on December 9, when Venus enters Capricorn and your eleventh house of socializing and platonic connections. Hopefully this can offset some of the emotional tension and overload of Mars retrograde. If you’ve been holding yourself back with limiting beliefs or going along with a controlling person’s agenda, this is your moment to break free.

Coupled Pisces may opt for some solo time, hitting a few holiday parties by yourself or reconnecting with old friends, perhaps getting involved in a political or humanitarian cause. Single Pisces may sample different romantic flavors, keeping it light and casual. Or maybe you’ll find a love connection with someone you meet through mutual friends, at a holiday event or even online. Wherever you’re spreading those butterfly wings, your sizzle factor goes up exponentially when you keep it real.

New Year’s Eve has a little warning light, as Mercury will be retrograde from December 29 to January 18. A jealous misunderstanding could erupt between you and your partner or date du jour. Make sure to triple-confirm plans and reservations if you go out—and choose your companions wisely!

Money + Career:

Up, up and away! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your tenth house of career until December 21, ending your year on a highly ambitious note. You may want to start crafting your 2023 goals a couple weeks early. Solidify your important clients and connections to set yourself up for success as the calendar turns. Don’t skimp on gifting for your VIP clients, either. Those thoughtful touches will go far now!

On December 21, the Sun shifts into Capricorn and your teamwork sector, helping you spread some of the responsibilities around before you take off for the holidays. The December 23 Capricorn new moon could bring an exciting collaboration opportunity or a meeting of the minds. Trade info then put a date on the books for later next month since slippery Mercury will turn retrograde here from December 29 to January 18. You won’t want to make anything official until then!

With action planet Mars also retrograde the whole month (in Gemini and your domestic fourth house), juggling work AND personal life demands could be challenging. Make sure you carve out a relaxing space for yourself, especially since you may be multitasking or bringing work home with you after hours.

Treat yourself to some noise-canceling headphones and be firm about your limits. Revamp your home office and create a clear zone to do some uninterrupted cranking. You may also need to push back with demanding relatives and needy friends. No, Pisces, you CAN’T book their Airbnbs or chauffeur them around town when they visit. Cut the codependent cord and let people take care of themselves now.

Love Days: 10, 15
Money Days: 21, 1
Luck Days: 19, 28
Off Days: 12, 17

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