Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF December 19 – 2 5, 2022

Approaching max capacity? Ever since supersizer Jupiter dove into Pisces May 13, 2021, you’ve been expanding in every direction. (And we’re betting you’ve got money in the bank to show for it!) The magnanimous planet has been weaving in and out of your sign ever since, making it impossible to tame your expansion. But that level of exponential growth can only be sustained for so long before you need to hit the brakes and integrate the progress. Good news! You’ll get six months to do exactly that beginning this Tuesday, December 20, when Jupiter waves its final farewell to Pisces and leaves your sign until 2033. Now, the red-spotted maximizer planet is bound for Aries, where it powers forward through your second house of daily income and routines for six whole months. It’s been fun stretching PAST your limits in groundbreaking (and, at times, exhausting) ways. But as one of the zodiac’s emotional water signs, you crave a measure of security—even if you’re repeating a comforting routine on a daily basis. Between now and May 16, 2023, you can get your fins back on terra firma and lay a new, more solid financial foundation.

With abundant Jupiter in this money zone, it’s prime time to focus on your professional aspirations, set intentions and start to manifest them, because you’ve got a cosmic tailwind at your back. What are your goals—a soul-satisfying new job (or just a super-well-paying one?), launching your own brand, saving enough for a new car or a home upgrade? Whatever the case, you’ll probably welcome a bit more stability in the first half of 2023. Since Jupiter rules education and advanced training, you might consider adding some tools to your kit or bringing your skills up to date by taking some workshops, webinars or formal classes. When it comes to your hard-earned cash, stay mindful. What good is making more if you burn it as fast as you earn it?  

Don’t take fun off the menu! You couldn’t if you tried starting this Wednesday, when the Sun heads into Capricorn and swings from the chandeliers of your popularity-boosting eleventh house until January 20. And when the new supermoon in Capricorn brings a second boost on Friday, you’ll be the ringmaster of reindeer games. Don ye now that festive apparel, especially your dancing shoes. With invites flooding in, you’ve got four solid weeks to circulate and reconnect with all the people you’ve been too busy to see. Drop in with a plate of cookies, then organize back-to-yoga wellness reboots for friends after January 1.


The more will be the merrier for the coming four weeks, but that can present yet another dilemma: Where to spend your time…and with who? As the holidays draw near, you can’t keep putting off decisions about where to celebrate. You need to make a ruling ASAP! There are plenty of ways to contribute if you don’t want to host—like playing entertainment director or offering to DJ with one of your otherworldly playlists.

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