Film Friday: Lomography launches free DigitaLIZA Lab browser app for editing film scans: Digital Photography Review

The analog aficionados at Lomography have launched DigitaLIZA Lab, a new browser-based platform that allows you to upload film scans and edit them using a range of film-centric editing features, complete with negative conversion modes and more.

The new online application is designed to work as the post-production step of the company’s line of multi-format film scanning tools, which offer an affordable means of digitizing film photographs using nearly any digital camera you can get your hands on.

Lomography’s DigitaLIZA Lab works with either negative or positive film scans/captures and either black and white or color films. Lomography says it should work with most any common image file type you throw at it.

The processing pipeline is designed to be chronological in its workflow. After uploading the image using the first button, the second button is used to invert a negative image.

The button array used to edit the images. In order: The upload button (which turns to an ‘×’ after uploading to cancel the edits), the inversion button, the shadows button, the highlights button, the B&W/color button, the ‘Undo’ button and the download button for saving your final image.

The third and fourth buttons are used to adjust the shadows and highlights, respectively. After tapping the shadow button, you’re asked to click on the darkest part of the image to set the black point and can tweak it according to your preference. Same too for the highlight button and the white point, at which point the image’s white balance is also set. The little flower icon is used to switch between adjusting the image in black and white or color.

When you’re done, simply tap on the download icon and the adjusted image will be saved to the device you’re editing on.

A screenshot of the DigitaLIZA Lab tool, shown with the demo photograph provided by Lomography.

The DigitaLIZA Lab isn’t the most robust option for editing film scans, but it’s free, quick and doesn’t require a dedicated app, meaning it’ll work on nearly any device with an internet connection. And considering film prices continue to rise, any bit of ‘free’ you can find is a welcomed reprieve. You can take it for a spin yourself. Even if you don’t have a film scan on hand, Lomography provides a demo scan for you to play around with.

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