Weekly poll results: screen size matters a lot, the ideal for most people is 6.1″

The ideal screen size for a smartphone changed over the years, but it finally seems that it has settled. In a poll in 2019 6 inches emerged as the most popular option, which was confirmed the next year when the range 5.9” to 6.5” was chosen (with most people leaning towards the lower end). And in last week’s poll 6.1” was the top pick among voters.

Previous screen size poll results: from 2019

Previous screen size poll results: from 2020 • from 2019

It was the option chosen by a quarter of voters. The slightly larger 6.3” option received half as many votes. This essentially matches previous results, which were focused on 6” and slightly above.

Weekly poll results: screen size matters a lot, the ideal for most people is 6.1''

The second most popular option was below 6”, though that might be the result of a loud minority of voters. Market numbers just don’t support the idea that such small phones are popular – the iPhone mini was selling worse than the 6.1” iPhone, for example. And while it is possible that Asus is selling tens of millions of Zenfone 9s, we doubt that it would keep it quiet.

On the other side of the fence are people who like larger phones. Combining the 6.7” and 6.8+ inch options we get nearly a quarter of the votes – for quite a few people bigger really is better.

That said, the middle ground of 6.5” was the second most popular option, if we discount the sub-6” votes. As some pointed out in the comments, weight matters too and while it is not exactly a linear relationship, a bigger phone almost always means a heavier phone too. Most 6.5” are under 200g in weight (though there is no shortage of exceptions).

How much does screen size matter, anyway? A lot, as it turns out. Most people say that it is a vital consideration when buying a new phone. For everyone else it is still an important metric, though they are willing to settle. As you may have noticed, the largest phones tend to get the best screens and cameras.

Weekly poll results: screen size matters a lot, the ideal for most people is 6.1''

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