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January 7, 2023

A meetup between the egoistic Sun and mental Mercury retrograde on Saturday can illuminate a hidden blessing. We often learn more from our mistakes than from our triumphs. You may not be thrilled to hear that, but you ARE a mere mortal who can’t possibly bat a thousand day in and day out. What valuable lesson can you glean from a recent slipup? And don’t even think about using this as an opportunity to castigate yourself for it. On Sunday, you could feel pulled in two different directions when the moon in your ambition arena moves into an opposition with fun-loving Venus. One side of you is fired up to go after a goal pronto instead of waiting until the workweek begins—when you’re bound to be distracted by busyness. But there are also household chores to attend to and weekend playtime calling your name. Spend a couple of hours in the morning on that big project, then clock out so you can enjoy quality time with loved ones.

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