Kinera Hodur Review

Kinera has been producing some killer IEMs for relatively affordable prices. Certainly, if you’re an audiophile on a budget, the Kinera models are a fantastic option. At 300 bucks, the Hodur falls somewhere in the middle of the line-up. But the sound nears the quality of a higher priced IEM. Let’s see what we can expect from Kinera’s latest IEM model. 

In the Box

Kinera Hodur IEMs

Silver Plated OCC Cable

4.4mm & 3.5mm Adapter

Five pairs of Final Type E tips

Seven pairs ( K-07 & K-285-02 ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.

Carrying Case

Cleaning Brush

User Manual

Look and Feel

The Hodur’s shells are light and unassuming. No fancy colors or sparkles. Rather, these dark navy IEMs appear modest in their design and build. The relatively thick silver-plated OCC cable (with 2-pin connectors) almost looks more impressive than the IEMs themselves, and it comes with two adapters – 3.5mm unbalanced and 4.4mm balanced. The Hodur will give you a snug and comfortable fit. And in the box, you’ll find some high quality ear tips made by Final, along with Kinera’s own custom ear tips. I didn’t see any foam tips in the box, which are probably unnecessary, given the already bountiful low-end that the sound signature presents.

Kinera Hodur IEM Review

Kinera Hodur Adapters

Sound Impressions


The Hodur presents a soundstage that approximates many higher priced IEMs. It conveys a grand feel, and the sense of width is particularly impressive. Although you won’t hear an incredible amount of height, gradations along vertical axis are clear. The low-end seems to display some depth, with bass notes heard from behind, but the soundstage just falls short of sounding thoroughly multidimensional.


The Hodur presents a thick and generous bass. It’s more juicy than it is dry, so pop music is likely best represented here. The lack of grip takes away a little from transparency when listening to string instruments in this range. And it becomes clear that the Hodur has focused on giving the listener a good time rather than an entirely critical listening experience. But personally, I enjoyed the smoothness that the IEMs lent to classical music in the low-end. The sub frequencies are certainly there too, and come close to feeling visceral. So, hip-hop is also a suitable genre for these buds.


The mids make for a pleasurable listen in this range. The lower and upper midrange get almost equal love, so tracks feel full-bodied and evenly balanced. It should be noted that there’s a slight veil over the sound signature, that feels more audible in the lower half of the frequency than in the upper. Still, the level of separation is solid as the sound creeps towards the upper mids. Acoustic guitars, for example, reveal crisp definition in the upper mids, while pianos present a lush, yet glowing quality in this range.


With the sound signature leaning on the darker side, the highs come as a bit of a surprise. You will get plenty of shine and even some sizzle at times that can become slightly uncomfortable at the very highest treble. But if you don’t listen to a lot of jazz trumpets or violins in this range, you should be spared any ear fatigue. And vocals were a real treat to listen to in this range, revealing a buoyant and velvety breath that make singers like Rihanna and Whitney Houston sound divine.


The Hodur presents a thoroughly enjoyable sound profile with a spacious soundstage, a lush lower end and silky highs. Although, these IEMs may be most suitable for the more modern genres, I nevertheless enjoyed the thick, soft texture when listening to classical music as well. For the price, the Hodur is a very solid option, especially for those appreciate an easy, full bodied sound signature.

You can buy the Kinera Hodur at Audio 46.

Kinera Hodur Sliver-Plated OCC cable 2-pin

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