Final Audio A5000 Review

Ever since Final Audio released the A3000 and A4000, I have been eagerly awaiting to hear what they do next with this series. They’ve been focusing on their Bluetooth products, as well as releasing the limited edition model of the D8000. Now It looks like they’re back to IEMs, focusing on the promising A line of earphones. The new A5000 is now finally here, going for the price of $299. Let’s see if they were worth the wait.

What You Get

  • Final Audio A5000 IEMs.
  • 2 pin detachable silver-coated cable
  • Soft Rubbery Carrying Case
  • 5 Pairs and Sizes of Type E Ear Tips
  • Ear tip Case
  • Ear Hooks

Final Audio A5000 Single

Look and Feel

Final Audio has a winning design for their A series IEMs. It’s very simplistic, but they have one of the most ergonomic build on the market. The way it sits in your ear is completely natural, and they are practically weightless. The A5000 might not get any style points, aside from its new silver coated cable, but when you’re wearing them for long periods of time you’ll see its value.

Final Audio A5000 Cable


With the last two models from the A series, Final Audio introduced the f-core DU drivers developed entirely in-house. These dynamic units use a method of elevation in order to increase localization, as well as other sonic properties. It is a 6mm dynamic unit with a brass housing, lessening magnetic force. Minimal adhesives are used to significantly reduce weight, and strengthen performance of the transient response. They have an impedance of only 18 ohms, and should be able to drive from any 3.5mm headphone jack.

Final Audio A5000 Pair


I know that Final Audio is capable of providing a great soundstage, and with the A5000 they deliver one of the best they’ve included on an IEM yet. The way the A5000 communicates its spaciousness comes off as effortless. From left to right, you feel the movement of instruments and effects, making excellent use out of the stereo field. Its width feels long without appearing stretched out in the middle, accurately conveying scale to each section of the mix. Extra height is provided here, but I thought it could even go a little taller. However, what height is given is just as exciting to listen to, expressing airy textures around your forehead. How the A5000 displays each individual performance is truly elegant, as it showcases depth by giving more holographic dimension to the imaging. With its enhanced separation, the A5000 is able to show you greater depth inward and outward. Its headspace provides so much room, you can hear how all the sounds propagate to their fullest extent.

Low End

Final Audio has never been the bass heavy brand for me. You can always expect great clarity and detail from them, but their IEMs have never had that slam to them. The A5000 does its best to give you more bass texture, and it succeeds with great effect. Its tone is mostly dominant in the mid-bass, offering a strong punch to kick drums and hip-hop beats. You get the most consistency from this range of frequency, but the sub-bass don’t leave anything out. In fact, the sub-bass on the A5000 give you a smooth, vibrating foundation that has just the right amount of body to it. The frequencies are expressive enough to standout while stain maintaining a level of realism to their timbre.


There isn’t as much presence to the fundamental midrange frequencies, but it still satisfies with its detail and clean timbre. At times, the tone it is almost pristine in its resolution, performing crisp instruments that have energy to them. Each element has plenty of room to express their attack and release naturally in the mix, and it results in a midrange that can convey a lot of momentum. You can easily localize each section of the mix and their individual positioning throughout the midrange, appearing fuller than the previous A4000 model. What really got me was the pluckiness of some frequencies. Acoustic strings have a precise accentuating with singular notes and it feels crisp and revealing.


The highs here are wonderfully resonant. They extend the height of the A5000 to a great effect, enhancing the airy qualities of certain track while still delivering the sizzle. There is a wealth of textures to this treble, and it always results in satisfying coloration as opposed to stark brightness. Its timbre puts that spark on the end of instruments, as well as spotlight reflections in vocals.


As an upgrade to the A3000 and A4000, the A5000 is a complete success. Its sound signature is a perfect evolution of the A4000, adding even more width and greater dimension to its response, with an added helping of bass and airiness. The new cable was a much needed upgrade, and the earphones themselves are an comfortable as ever. Even with these upgrades, I feel like Final Audio could go even further with this design and make something truly special. For now, the A5000 is a great addition to this series.



  • Wide soundstage
  • Spacoius imaging
  • Energizing sub-bass
  • Punchy mid-bass
  • Airy highs
  • Comfortable design
  • New cable
  • Some dip in the midrange
  • No color variations

The Final Audio A5000 is available here. 

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