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MONTH OF January

Ease into the new year, Aquarius, because 2023 and January will both take about three weeks before they really kick in. For starters, the Sun is in Capricorn and your twelfth house of endings until January 20, and communicator Mercury is retrograde until January 18. That’s a recipe for a sluggish start, but fear not! On January 20, Aquarius season begins, followed by the Aquarius new moon—your personal new year—on January 21. From there, everything starts to take flight!

So, what can you do in the meantime? Finish lingering 2022 projects that you didn’t get done over the holidays. Rest, start a gentle workout program, meditate…or engage in pampering that fits your idea of “self-care.” Check out new music, try out a skincare routine or just take a break from the hyperactive “doing” and see what flows your way!

Romance could be one of those surprises that shows up after January 12, when sizzling Mars ends a ten-week retrograde in Gemini and your passionate, playful fifth house. With the red planet here until March 25, you could be the zodiac sign most likely to have a spicy Valentine’s Day AND a bout of spring fever on the horizon.


Prioritize fun—it’s good for your mental and emotional health!—and make dedicated time for your creative pursuits in the first quarter of 2023. As additional incentive, lucky Jupiter, the planet of growth and new horizons, is in Aries and your social third house until May 16. New friendships, kindred spirits and hobbies await your discovery. Get out and explore new places in your community. In the first half of the year, your best opportunities will come from people you meet this way. Considering a real estate purchase or a move? Use this Jupiter cycle to explore various neighborhoods and options—then, after mid-May, you’ll be ready to put down roots in a place that truly feels like home.

The runway is clear for takeoff once the January 21 Aquarius new moon lights the sky, ushering in the Year of the Water Rabbit. Then, as a bonus gift on January 22, your ruling planet Uranus wakes up from a five-month retrograde in Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and emotional anchoring. Your inner AND outer confidence should start to return. And for the next couple months, there are NO retrograde planets overhead. Explore, experiment, experience…the coast is cosmically clear!

It’s Capricorn season until January 20 (and Mercury’s retrograde too)

Dim the lights and hibernate for a couple more weeks, why don’t ya? Until January 20, the Sun is moving through Capricorn, your twelfth house of rest and closure, putting you in a contemplative mood. No need to rush into the New Year like the rest of the class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” world is doing, especially since mental Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18, delaying progress even more. 

Mercury retrograde can cause foggy thinking, technology mishaps and all-around miscommunication. Hold off on signing contracts or pitching your ideas if possible, and be sure to back up your electronic data. Have you been sending personal emails from your business account? Mercury in this porous zone of your chart could cause a data leak, so delete any confidential intel from places where it could be viewed by prying eyes.

While Mercury’s retrograde, you may need to let go of something that’s taking up bandwidth but not delivering returns. Distance yourself from toxic people and reconfigure agreements that are draining your energy or throwing your life out of balance.

Despite your best efforts to speed things past the finish line, you could still feel like you’re navigating an obstacle course. Silver lining: Mercury retrograde IS a fruitful time to turn your attention to the past. Use the first three weeks of January to tie up loose emotional ends and clear the decks before your birthday and Aquarius season begin on the 20th. That’s when you can really start activating your 2023 mission!

Lean in to your spiritual powers on January 18, when the Sun forms its annual conjunction (meetup) to powermonger Pluto, ruler of the unconscious and hidden realms. This could bring powerful dreams and messages from the universe that are too spot-on to ignore. You could have a searing flash of intuition or an urge to escape a confining situation. Enough’s enough! 

Have you been holding a grudge or simmering with resentment? Sometimes, a certain tactic (like writing an angry letter and burning it) feels good in the moment but doesn’t actually release you from the painful feelings. This Sun-Pluto connection can reveal what’s eating at you deep down. While it may be noble to forgive someone else, you can’t do that unless you first extend that forgiveness to yourself. You got angry, you weren’t perfect, you said unkind things. Clean it up with anyone you hurt. Then, instead of beating yourself up for these transgressions, get the emotional support you need and commit to doing better going forward.

Healthy motivation at the January 6 Cancer full moon

Back to work! Well, for a day anyhow. The year’s first full moon arrives on Friday, January 6, in Cancer, activating your sixth house of health, organization and efficiency right as the inaugural workweek of 2023 ends. Cap off this starter week by spending time cleaning up, organizing and getting anchored again after the holiday hubbub.

This full moon is in tight opposition to Mercury retrograde, so take time to consider your path before you blast off. If anything, la luna will present a clear vision for how you’d like to START accomplishing your goals. But it will probably be a couple more weeks before you can implement these plans.

There’s plenty of moon mojo to get started on a few of your goals now, Aquarius, especially health-focused ones. Maybe it’s the lingering memories of that wicked champagne-and-baked-brie hangover, maybe it’s the moonlight…but you could be the first one to leap on the wellness wagon. The Cancer full moon inspires you to take charge of some integral part of your life and do it better. Your desire for self-improvement, when mapped to a solid system, could yield tangible results. 

Try out different options, from a new gym to at-home workouts, until you find something you’ll enjoy on an ongoing basis. Avoid the food and fitness fads and focus on making a sustainable lifestyle change. The key: Keep it simple. Micro-resolutions can add up to macro results. For example, commit to adding a dark, leafy green to your dinner plate three times a week instead of cutting a food group out or depriving yourself.

The sixth house rules helpful people, and this full moon encourages you to delegate to a capable wingperson instead of trying to do it all yourself. Is there someone on Team Aquarius who you’ve outgrown? Hard as it is to part ways, if they’ve lost their passion for a project, their stagnant energy will only bring everyone else down. Before you call things off, look closer: Maybe they need more training and clearer guidance from you. Perhaps your own skills need an upgrade, too? You could turn a slacker into a go-to supporter again with the right framework. Start by having an honest conversation. You’ll know quickly whether to continue investing in them or to search for someone who’s actually interested in taking this ride with you. 

The new year REALLY begins…Aquarius season starts January 20

And…you’re back! On January 20, the Sun zooms into Aquarius, lighting up your first house of self, identity and fresh starts. For the next four weeks, your personal mojo is off the charts. It’s time to turn your most cherished goals into reality or to let yourself follow those spontaneous whims to travel and explore. A solo venture could capture your attention. What about that quirky communal project you dreamed up last year? Or voicing your ideas at work instead of keeping them to yourself? Whatever matters the most to you, you’ll have the courage to make it happen. 

Enter the Water Rabbit! Aquarius new moon and Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 21

Forget about January 1, Aquarius. Your REAL new year always begins with the Aquarius new moon, which arrives on the early side this year. This personal reboot puts your goals front and center, and helps you set your sights on a personal path. Between now and the August 1 Aquarius full moon, you’ve got a six-month window to turn your intentions into reality.

class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” And things could get, er, hopping, pretty quickly! This evening also kicks off the Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit, which will usher in a new 12-month cycle of creativity, abundance and community! Since February 1, 2022, the Water Tiger’s been prowling the skies. The unpredictable energy kept us all on our toes, but it was a favorable cycle for you since the Tiger is linked to YOUR ruling planet, Uranus, and is associated with Aquarius as its Western equivalent. While few people would call 2022 a comfortable year, it was one that brought a lot of growth, if only because you learned how to pivot quickly!

Domestic stability: Uranus retrograde ends on January 22

Peace on earth may still be a long shot, but at least you can start to create it under your own roof. On January 22, changemaker Uranus, your ruling planet, ends a five-month retrograde. Since August 24, the side-spinning planet has been reversing through Taurus and your domestic fourth house, ruffling feathers with roommates and relatives. With Uranus moving forward, instability or slowdowns related to your family or living situation will clear up. If you’ve been at a crossroads about a move or change to your living situation, this course correction could open up some unexpected new options. 

For Aquarians of parenting age, this transit could bring news related to pregnancy, IVF or adoption. Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative could also be going through changes. Shed the people-pleasing, Water Bearer. The sooner you let go of any rigid expectations (of both yourself and the other person), the better. This relationship is due for an upgrade, and Uranus direct will help pave the way for a scenario that has room for both of your individual personalities and styles to flourish.

Were the holidays low-key or were you in a bit of a romantic slump? Fear not, Aquarius, because 2023 is about to turn the tides. Your playful and pleasure-loving side returns on January 2, when romantic Venus moves into Aquarius and blesses you with the “It” factor. With the planet of love and beauty in your sign until January 26, a style refresh will help you feel light and flirty. Hey, why not be prepared both inside and out for the love planet’s once-a-year visit to your sign? Couples can get an early start on Valentine’s Day and go do something romantic and adventurous.

The other love planet, Mars, is eager to get in on the action after January 12. After a ten-week retrograde hibernation, passionate Mars corrects course in Gemini, rousing your fifth house of lust and self-expression. You might notice an instant difference in your confidence and charisma, and trust us, other people will, too! Shake off those moody blues and put on something red—to match the color you’ll be painting the town until March 25. But there’s no day quite like January 9, when Venus and Mars float into a harmonious 120-degree trine, turning on your mojo full blast.

Single? Turn up the charm, and the sizzle will follow. Find things to compliment people on and be your naturally engaging self. Even when you step out intending to keep a low profile, you’ll still draw attention. Witty banter can lead to a connection—or just give you a much-needed energy boost. Enjoy this playful time, but watch for drama that can be stirred by Mars’ tendency to be aggressive or impulsive while it’s in this “carpe diem” zone of your chart.

From January 26 to February 20, Venus will move into Pisces and your security-seeking second house. This energy will be at odds with Mars’ instinct to be loud, wild and free. You may need to navigate dueling desires for certainty and adventure. The answer? Turn up the decadence. Your desire for novelty doesn’t have to disrupt a good thing you’ve got going on with someone you genuinely love and want to be with. Bring the party INTO your relationship instead of searching for greener pastures outside of it.

Pace yourself, Aquarius. Until January 20, the Sun is in Capricorn, your twelfth house of closure and rest, slowing your professional roll considerably. Your new year really begins on January 20, when the Sun shifts into Aquarius. Until then, work on completing tasks and projects that have loose ends dangling. You’ll be inspired to complete something you started long ago, but you also might reflect and decide that it’s not really “you” anymore. With discerning Saturn spending its final two months in your sign, that’s all the more reason to release what you’ve outgrown. 

Another reason to press pause on your big debut? Until January 18, clever Mercury is retrograde (backward), making you reconsider some of your goals. Since you might not be thinking totally clearly, it’s not the greatest time to unveil your big masterpiece. The real kickoff date arrives on January 21, when the year’s only Aquarius new moon marks your personal new year—an ideal time to start 2023 plans in earnest.

Love Days: 3, 8

Money Days: 15, 24

Luck Days: 13, 21

Off Days: 6, 11, 20

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